Yizhong adhere to the principle of harmonious coexistence between man and environment, synchronization with development and protection , we are dedicated to contributing to a healthy and sustainable future for our planet.

                      As a professional die casting manufacturer, we take the responsibility of doing whatever is possible to ensure for conservation of energy, water, and other natural resources is absolutely vital for the betterment of Earth

                      We aware of the responsibility we have towards the environment and people in the process of development and innovation, so we take the necessary steps to improve our processing and products constantly , which is able to meet efficient capacity and reduce carbon foot-print. Our goal is to protect nature and give back to our community with recycle, re-use materials and reduce our ecological footprint in order to promote a better future for all living things.

                      All the material we used in accordance with RoHS requirements, upon request. Furthermore, we strive to buy, sell, and use environmentally friendly products, as well as share the same environmental ideologies to our customers and suppliers. At same time, we promoted the  knowledge to our staff and committed to providing them good condition for working and living place.

                      Today, our development shall be responsible for the future , and the development of enterprises shall be responsible for the society, we will work together to make our living place better.

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